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While many young professionals find it difficult to dedicate time to offline courses, e-learning initiatives conducted by HR firms can be accessed from anywhere at any time of day.

Since independence, India has been at the forefront of large-scale innovation across sectors such as agriculture & forestry, textiles, telecommunications and information technology (IT). This has been made possible by the country’s enormous talent pool and ever-expanding educational infrastructure which has helped spread knowledge to millions of Indians. Today, however, the industrial landscape has changed dramatically and technology is playing a critical role in driving further economic growth. As a result, the formal education sector is being equipped with online learning academies, helping the country’s youth learn as they go and transcend the boundaries of knowledge required to find decent job opportunities. On the occasion of National Education Day, let’s take a look at how players in the HR technology industry are providing practical knowledge to millions of budding HR professionals through e-learning initiatives driven through bespoke online platforms.

Creating an online knowledge ecosystem for today’s learners

Apart from online learning platforms, several HR technology companies are taking the lead in setting up specialized online academies to provide practical knowledge of HR operating principles. Crucial for those seeking a career in HR Management, the academy goes a step further by providing courses that are structured to meet the needs of today’s industry. Online learning courses on practical subjects such as recruitment and performance management, new Indian employment laws to be introduced in 2022, payroll processing and even legal compliance for payroll in India help students gain the edge needed to succeed. In addition, by ensuring that these industry-focused courses are also available in regional languages, these companies are leveraging their domain experience to assist rural India’s skills through the power of the Internet.

Enabling 24×7 learning alongside the main offline academy

While many young professionals find it difficult to dedicate time to offline courses, e-learning initiatives conducted by various HR firms can be accessed from anywhere at any time of day. Developed in conjunction with the nation’s established MBA colleges, this course is specifically geared to empower students with hands-on knowledge and equip them with the skills necessary to become skilled HR professionals. Virtual instructor-led courses (VILT) are also being developed to provide the human touch that is usually missing from pure e-learning modules. Altogether, these educational measures introduce thousands of students to a new, industry-led way of learning, also at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional educational institutions.

Build industry relevance through customized e-learning courses

Offering certificate programs in partnership with national bodies such as MEPSC and NSDC, this online learning academy is the perfect gateway for candidates looking to become HR professionals in SMEs or large corporations. These programs are not only tailored to industry needs, but are also suitable for professionals looking to enhance their career prospects in a variety of industries. Additionally, the Certified Professional Program offered in partnership with business schools helps bridge the gap between the current curriculum and the actual requirements in the field. They also enable students to go through course content explaining HR functions throughout the employee life cycle to achieve a more fulfilling work experience after studies.

Assisting HR professionals in upskilling themselves

As the industry advances in adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain, there is a growing need for programs and courses that can cover these new age topics.

Thousands of employees from the MSME segment have enrolled in these courses; something that would have been impossible a few years ago. It is fair to conclude that industry-backed HR e-learning initiatives are playing a critical role in training Indians and potentially accelerating the career growth paths of millions of Indians in the near future.

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